Graduated from the Institut National d’Agriculture Biologique of Victoriaville in 2021,

I decided to start my agroforestry project in Gaspésie, in the region where I grew up, near Gaspé.

Given my academic background in organic fruit production and my interest in beekeeping, I started my activity directly in 2021 by planting about 400 fruit trees and installing 4 beehives.

The hives and the plantations will grow over the years.

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Located in Gaspésie, behind the village of Douglastown, I offer exclusively natural products from the region. Honey, berries, plants and wild roots, all cultivated and/or harvested in a reasoned way in the respect of Nature.
All these products are intended for grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, processors (distilleries, breweries, pastry shops,…) as well as individuals of course.
I strive to offer quality products, simple and good !


Herbal Teas




The honey comes from a small apiary recently installed. The hives develop in the forest and produce a raw forest honey. In addition to the great variety of plants and trees found in the Gaspé forest, the bees also forage on my plantations.

The harvested honey is unpasteurized and does not undergo any treatment in order to preserve traces of pollen, propolis and wax, which enriches its aromas.

It is available in 500 gr and 3 kg formats.

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Herbal Teas

I harvest both organically grown plants from our family gardens and wild plants.
Some of them are offered here as herbal teas, either alone or mixed!

These products are available online on the Gaspésie Sauvage store!

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I offer a wide variety of berries harvested in the wild such as Dwarf Red Blackberry, Chokecherry, Canadian Dwarf Cornel, Rosehips, wild Raspberries, Pimbina, Sarsaparilla, Blueberry and Red Elderberry.

Berries are available frozen year round.

In addition to wildcrafted berries, I have prepared several hundred plants of Haskap, Goji, Aronia, Viburnum and Saskatoon as well as Wintergreen and Angelica. These plants should be productive in the next few years.

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Forest picking of plants and roots.

I collect several plants and roots that you can get dried or fresh. Like berries, they are harvested in a sustainable manner, which means that I forage only what is necessary without exploiting the forest.





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